Transportation for City of Verona Seniors

Senior Transportation in Verona
Low-cost transportation for Verona seniors:
• Rides are available Monday-Friday.
• The bus runs from 10 AM-1:30 PM.
• The bus has a lift for walkers/wheelchairs.
• Riders must be City of Verona residents.
• Two stops maximum per person per trip.
• Suggested Donation:
Rides to the Senior Center – $1
Rides to other Verona destinations – $2
• Please pay the van driver directly.
• On Wednesdays, please note that
only the following rides are available:
-To the Senior Center for lunch or to
see the nurse.
-To Miller’s Grocery Store.
Dane County is expanding our transportation
services. Effective Aug. 28:
• The bus will run until 2:30 PM Mon. – Fri.
• We will have a second bus for out-of-town
shopping. We’ll go to Target on Monday
Aug. 28. Where else would you like to go?
• We will have a special event bus once a
month. How does a Friday Night Fish Fry
outing on Friday Sept. 22 sound?? Let’s go!