Verona Historical Society – Events


Update 6/20/18

July – Historical Society 

  • Saturday, July 14 at 10:00 AM
  • Cemetery next to Gus’ Diner. “Restoring the old cemetery”

In lieu of a formal July meeting, the Verona Area Historical Society will instead be having a volunteer work day on Saturday, July 14 at 10 am at the cemetery next to Gus’ Diner. We are working on restoring the old cemetery formerly used by the Dane County Hospital and Home.  Feel free to stop by to help clean up the site, or just come by to say “hi” and find out what the project is all about.


Update 5/20/18

June – Verona Historical Society

Saturday June 16, 10:00 AM Field Trip

Have you ever wondered what lies inside the little farmhouse house with the seasonal wreath at the corner of Hwy M. and PD?  Here is your  opportunity to find out!  This house has quietly sat on this intersection for over 150 years, becoming much more noticeable since the recent Highway M road construction removed most of the surrounding trees.  Join us for a field trip and tour of the house given by the current owner.

We will be meeting at the farmhouse at the end of Raymond Road at 10am for a quick talk about the house and tour to follow.  Please note that Raymond Road no longer connects to PD or highway M as it used to.  The best way to access it might be to take Raymond Road south from Verona Road until Raymond ends behind the farmhouse.


Posted 4/25/2018

May – Historical Society 

“Living in the Verona Area – 400 to 500Million Years Ago”

Saturday, May 12 at 10:00 AM

with guest Jim Harrington.

Place: The Verona Senior Center, 108 Paoli St. Verona WI 53593

Here are the historical society, we enjoy talking about life back in “the old days”.  But how old is “old” – maybe 50, or 100 years?  For this month’s meeting we are going to be looking at some snapshots of life in Verona a little fartherback – about 500 million years ago!

Verona resident Jim Harrington enjoys the interesting hobby of local fossil hunting.  It started a few years back when a casual walk took him past a road construction site near his home. Layers of rock laid down in the prehistoric time when Wisconsin was covered by water stuck out from the newly excavated roadbed.  A fan of history, Jim wondered if there might be a fossil or two floating around in there – and he started poking around.  That first informal “dig” yielded four Brachiopods (don’t worry – he’ll explain what those are!)  Jim was captivated his newly found hobby and an appreciation for the small bits of ancient history each one of us can find around if we know where to look.

Jim will be sharing his hobby with our historical society, including samples of the nine different types of Verona fossils he has come across since that first day he became a fossil hunter.  Also discussed will be tips for how your and your family can share in this hunt – this will be a good meeting to bring the kids and grand kids!

If scheduling allows, we will also have a fossil expert present from the UW Geology Museum to talk even more about local fossils, and answer all of your fossil and geology-related questions.

Posted 4/25/2018